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Sometimes we had good breezes, but still we were so far from land that we could not get soundings. This false reckoning they attributed to the difficulty of allowing for the ocean current, and to the fact that we had often waited for the other ships. Which was the sixth Sunday after Easter, we had another little breeze, but it died down on the 17th. We had fine summer weather all the time; sometimes we had a good breeze, but it was soon followed by beautiful calm weather. This kind of weather prevailed almost the whole month, but the wind was contrary most of the time, either from the west or south.

The night before Pentecost, there was a great deal of thunder and lightning. The thunder was not so loud as I have often heard it in Sweden, but the lightning was terrible.

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The wind was NW. We then saw a water-spout. It drew the water up out of the sea into the sky. The boatswain said that it was a small one compared to one he had seen between the Canary Islands and Spain. If the water- spout breaks and falls it will crush the ship. After this we had calm, quiet weather. We fell in with two other ships. They were from Ireland. The second one came to us on the 28th, and informed us that according to their reckoning, they had still 80 leagues to go.

We met a little ship called a brigantine, from Vir- ginia, bound for England. They informed us that they had sailed from there on the 25th, and that they now reckonned 50 leagues from land. God be praised for this good news. Andrew Rudman Note. Bordley shot an albacore, but we did not get it because of the speed of the ship.

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There was such a dearth of tobacco on the ship that they scraped the bark from the hoops of barrels and smoked it. They also smoked the stems of raisins. They gave two biscuits, with pork and meat, for a pipe of tobacco. But when the brigantine came, everybody got tobacco enough. A gentle breeze came up from the east, which continued on the 28th and began to increase a little on the 30th.

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At 12 o'clock P. We were then very glad. We sighted land at Island. God be praised that we at last have come so near ; but because the wind was SSE. June I. We came towards land again, but did not come any nearer catching our prey than before; but we were a little farther to the south. June 2. We approached the cape again. In the afternoon a fine breeze sprang up, and we heaved anchor; we had dropped it a little during the ebb of the tide.

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We approached land and came, God be praised, to the James River. Therefore, it is so much more incumbent upon us to give very humble thanks to God, who so conveniently brought us in. Ever- lasting glory be to God alone! June 3. We heaved anchor and sailed farther up the James Diary of Rev. Andrew Riidman 17 River to the Commodore and the other ships. The next day we went ashore. Going up into the woods, we found a beautiful sycamore, under which we fell upon our knees and praised God for his protection and prayed for further help and support. We re- mained ashore over night, and went aboard the next day.

The soil was sandy, a little mixed with mold, and very fertile. We saw oaks, sycamores, ash trees, bird cherries, walnut trees and mulberry trees. The mulberries were good. I saw some squir- rels, a large ugly snake, beautiful song birds, swallows the swal- lows are more grayish and have a coarser voice than those in Sweden , jays, thrushes, jackdaws, small birds, etc.

I recognized some species of grass as hieracium, pseudocamedrys, veronica, etc. But I saw many kinds of grasses that I have never seen be- fore, concerning which, God willing, I shall learn more in the future. June II. I was ashore on the other side while the Captain was at the court or council which the Governor held concerning the ships and their freighting in the Tanna river, where the fort is. The weather was fine.

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There we ate a lot of mulberries, which agreed with us all except that they acted as a laxative. Some of the people living here said that they give them the cholera morbus if they eat too much of them. June We left the river James because our Captain found out that we could get no cargo there, and directed our course up the bay to Maryland.

We did not get far that day. During the night a strong storm arose, NE. Towards evening the wind went down and on the i6th, about noon, when the tide came in, we proceeded a little with the wind E. This is the last entry of the diary. Andrew Rudman Other Documents in the Diary. As the Reverend Mr. Andrew Georanson'-' hath resided for some time past near the city of Philadelphia, it hath been my for- tune to be some time in his company, and so far as I have known, or heard, his conduct and behavior have been regular and laudable.