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At times, one knows only extreme estrangement and alienation.

"Dance when you're broken open." ~Rumi

Then home is no longer just one place. It is locations. Home is that place which enables and promotes varied and everchanging perspectives, a place where one discovers new ways of seeing reality, frontiers of difference.

Social Signaling: A Novel Mechanism of Change

Part of the reason that home is so complex for hooks is her experience of privilege—her entry into the university, which she describes as a place of privilege. There is constant pressure to silence or undermine the voices of people like her within places of privilege, like universities. We die there, too. Without such spaces, we would not survive. If we only view the margin as sign marking the despair, a deep nihilism penetrates in a destructive way the very ground of our being.

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The margin, she continues, is both a site of repression and a site of resistance, but it is typically only spoken about as repression, as deprivation. Who silences those who speak of the margin as site of resistance? This paragraph is difficult, the words slippery, but it is central to her argument:. In that space in the margins, that lived-in segregated world of my past and present. They did not meet me there in that space.

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They met me at the center. They greeted me as colonizers. I am waiting to learn from them the path of their resistance, of how it came to be that they were able to surrender the power to act as colonizers. I am waiting for them to bear witness, to give testimony.

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Enter that space. What hooks appears to be calling for, here, is twofold. Marginality as site of resistance.

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Let us meet there. We greet you as liberators. That last statement is ambiguous: who is liberating whom? We come to this space through suffering and pain, through struggle. We know struggle to be that which pleasures, delights, and fulfills desire.

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  4. We are transformed, individually, collectively, as we make radical creative space which affirms and sustains our subjectivity, which gives us a new location from which to articulate our sense of the world. They demo phone-based augmented reality that turns a painting of Robert Burns to life. We need to build bridges, instead of walls.

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    Romans NLT. Openness to the Holy Spirit is not about getting a "normative" response from God but what is going to be the normal position of our hearts. If Christ had waited to love me until I got my act together, He'd still be waiting! Holy Spirit, we declare today that we want more of You.

    We crave your presence.

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    Holy Spirit forgive us for the places and the times where we have grieved You, where we believed we had all of You we needed or all of You we wanted. Your Generosity Matters Giving generously to Kfirst supports the ministries of Kfirst as well as over 50 missionaries all over the world.