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Tongpan Green Planet Films. The British Film Institute calls Tongpan "One of the most important "third world" films of the decade. It is based on the real life experience of a farmer from the poverty-stricken Northeast region of Thailand. Tongpan and his family are forced off their land when a dam built nearby caused…. The film depicts the story of Filipino Overseas Workers who leave their home country to find work in another country. Many of them work as domestic helpers and are known to be called Modern Day Slaves.

They earn a few dollars to support themselves and send the rest of their…. Between and the Japanese Government, on advice from its military, forcibly removed thousands of young women and girls from their homes to provide sexual services as "comfort women" to the Japanese Army. It spans five generations from a colonial life…. Kamala and Raji Documentary Educational Resources. A powerful and emotional documentary about Korean women forced into sexual servitude by the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II, Silence Broken dramatically combines the testimony of former comfort women who demand justice for the "crimes against humanity" committed against them, along with contravening interviews of Japanese soldiers, recruiters….

The June Bride is not your ordinary bar. And former Yakuza mobster Tatsuya Shindo is about the furthest thing from your ordinary pastor. After Shindo falls into a life of crime and repeated imprisonment, he finds that religion is his ultimate ticket to redemption. So, Shindo cuts off his pinkie…. A travelogue across the breadth of Japan to explore the practice of modern day zen. We will take you from the bustle of rush-hour Tokyo to the tranquil mountains of Kyoto.

From zen centers hidden among skyscrpaers to the zendo in a remote monastery. With unrestricted access, we will take…. An informative documentary about contemporary urban life in the most technologically refined city in the world. Cyber youth cultures have developed through the imaginative and novel use of technology in the various media: music, art, pop, manga and fashion.

Underlying social, cultural and economic trends are examined such as Japan's…. On April 1, , American troops landed on Okinawa, beginning a….

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