Guide La scienza del benessere (Self-Help e Scienza della Mente) (Italian Edition)

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Register for FREE 1st month. Download your desired books 3. Moreover it is a state of moment-to-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment that is trained through meditation exercises. Chronic pain is a common disabling illness often related to high degrees of depressive symptoms 6 and several psychological treatments have been suggested. Over the last few years a growing body of research has demonstrated that mindfulness-based interventions are associated with an enhancement of psychological well-being.

Nineteen chronic pain patients without any prior meditative experience attending a psychological self-help group were asked to practice mindfulness as adjuvant therapy and were included in the present study. The self-help group is a group where people gather together, they tell their stories, share their experiences and their diseases in order to provide support for each other and to try to overcome their problems. Our self-help patients group is composed by some outpatients of our pain unit that, in a completely voluntary way, accepted to adhere to this kind of support.

This group is supported by a non-profit association, open to all chronic pain patients, with the aim to give psychological support and to improve self-efficacy for managing pain. All the enrolled patients provided written informed consent.

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The study was conducted at the Interventional Pain Unit of G. Consequently, two patients groups were spontaneously formed: MG mindfulness group and NMG non-mindfulness group. The MG course was taught by a certified clinical psychologist who had completed specialized courses and training in mindfulness treatments.

The main components of the program were meditation, hatha yoga and body scan a sustained mindfulness practice in which attention is sequentially focused on different parts of the body. These tests were submitted at baseline T 0 and at the end of the mindfulness treatment T 1. Psychiatric co-morbidity, substance abuse, major psychiatric disorder that would prevent compliance, severe chronic medical conditions and inability to understand the protocol or the tests were considered as exclusion criteria. Demographic data, baseline questionnaires and clinical information were collected at enrollment.

Continuous variables were analyzed using parametric statistic after normality distribution confirmation. Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS v. Guido Veronese, Miras Natour, Mahmud Said, Positive emotions and life satisfaction in Palestinian children growing-up amidst political and military violence. Research on social work practices. The Semantics of Freedom in Agoraphobic Patients.

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Open Psychology Journal, , 6. Guido Veronese, Marco Castiglioni. British Journal of Guidance and Counselling Sense of coherence mediates the effect of trauma on the social and emotional functioning of Palestinian health providers. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry , 84, 5, Guido Veronese, Alessandro Pepe, Sense of coherence SOC as a determinant of psychological well-being across professional groups of aid workers exposed to war trauma.

Journal of interpersonal violence Autonomy and submissiveness as cognitive and cultural factors influencing eating disorders in Italy and Sweden: an exploratory study. An Exploratory Study based on Self-characterizations.