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Oh and would I craft a different story line and custom class for his new character. Perhaps his reading of Lovecraft was a little different then mine. Reminds me of one hilarious interview of James Hetfield I can't seem to find back where he basically said that spelling "Ktulu" in the song title "The Call of Ktulu" instead of "Cthulhu" was one of his biggest regrets, because of all the fans letters they received to point their "error", while it was intentional from the beginning!

Ahhh same as me. I no longer enjoy Metallica as I did back then but hell i gotta thank them forever for opening up that world for me. I was a sad, lonely kid in a new school in a new town. Homeroom and Study hall were held in a science teachers classroom and every day I sat alone while everyone else was talking and hanging out in groups. I read the first few pages and i was lost in this strange world that seemed so like yet so unlike my own.

Every morning I would take the book from the shelf and read until the bell rang, and every afternoon at study hall I would do the same.