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Send email Cancel. Chat now. Landscape of islands and beach. Cruise liner ship. Sun with reflection in water and clouds. Day in tropical place. Vector illustration in flat style.

View discounts. Sorry your purchase has been declined because your account is on hold. Clarity and focus are the main concerns for all eclipse photographers. This black and white image well after 3rd contact was taken by George Scheck. Why is this picture interesting? First, it shows a clear partial eclipse image as a result of internal camera reflection. Second, there is no filter in front of the camera.

Sheri Henriksen photo. Compare the small reflected partial eclipse Sun image above low center taken in Chile by Eliot Herman with the photo preceding that taken on our ship. A remarkable composite showing images of the Moon from a new crescent to full moon.

Lawrence Tulissi image. A sequence of images from just after first contact to totality. Lawrence Tulissi photo. We nearly did not make it to the eclipse path. The photo below shows our targeted position and weather charts showing predicted cloud cover. Captain David Adrian illustrating high waves could swamp the eclipse day plan. After the first day at sea it appeared that if we headed slightly more northeast we could possibly beat the high seas and high winds forecasted on July 2 at eclipse time.

Initially up to 7 m wave heights were expected. Sure enough that is what happened.

TAHITI ECLIPSE CRUISE RESULTS | Eclipse Tours & Eclipse Cruises

After the eclipse, the pitching and rolling started and it was challenging to stand up as well as to sit in lectures as chairs slid right and left at times knocking some people to the floor. Fortunately no injuries resulted. The Texas flag raised on eclipse day July 2, Crew moved 94 chairs every day from the lounge where talks were held back to the restaurant. Smiles all around as a brilliant rainbow appears with a rain curtain just behind us after totality. Michael Devokaitis photo. Three generations of the same family observing the partial phases: Dr. Bob Hulse took this shot of an observer using partial eclipse glasses to shoot a photo through a smart phone.

Paul Stewart noticed other crew members doing the same thing. Eclipse watchers take up various positions on deck as the ship changes course to keep out of the clouds. Seeing a total eclipse for the first time made Deb Devokaitis so emotional it was difficult for her to speak.

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  • Sometimes getting a great photo is compromised by clouds. One small pleasure on a ship in the middle of nowhere is to find a good donut. In Paul Maley sailed on this same ship and instructed them on how to make good donuts. They succeeded in ! How everyone should be prepared. Note how Michael Devokaitis is wearing the partial eclipse viewing glasses before totality, then binoculars strapped around the neck.

    343 014 clouds+ship stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

    During totality one rips off the glasses and uses binoculars to get the best views! Before the partial eclipse started, Gene Torncello took this shot showing clouds in the distance and a GPS snapshot.

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    Co-travelers Zina Mirsky left and Nancy Okamoto after the eclipse. Gene Torncello photo. Proper partial phase viewing: binoculars with ND5 filter and No. Robin Field and Carolyn Mischer. Paul Stewart photo. Even stuffed animals eyes are protected in this photo by Phil West. Some observers carried a trash bucket on deck to put items in to keep them from rolling around on deck.

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    Above Harvey Fineberg. Another way to view the partial phase is to project through holes in a straw hat. Tamara Ledley photo.