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At Neuschwanstein Castle. The main reason for our trip to Germany!

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It was as majestic as I thought it would be! Visiting the Castle of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty fairytaleking newswanstonecastle. Castles and countryside today in Bavaria! We walked the halls of which fairytales were made. This monumental building is my favourite though I've seen countless castles all over the world. I guess it influenced me even back then when I heard of our fairytale king and I became such a huge nerd that I actually wanted to write my master thesis about Ludwig II.

He became a familiar face to me during all of these years and everytime I'm able to return it's a bit like coming home somehow. My escapism is at its highest point then.

I truly understand that so many ppl think of Neuschwanstein as Germany's landmark and not of the Brandenburger Tor since this castle even was the main inspiration for Walt Disney's castles. Scho a Draum wos uns da Kini do hi g'steid hod. The fairytalecastle of the fairytaleking. Frank C Pape c. Great view on our trip to Neuschwanstein Castle a few years ago.

PDF Schul-Spuren. Möglichkeiten Biographischen Lernens (German Edition)

Tickets actually got sold out 2 months before we visit lol and only walk in tickets are available which easily get sold out too! I am the Fairytale King, welcome to my crib.

Love of my life Reposted from sennarelax - The castle is located in Bavaria , near the town of Fussen. High in the Alpine foothills of Germany sits one of the most iconic castles in Europe. Swipe for more! You know this hambone loves speaking verse, and it was a blast getting tricked-out GameofThrones style. Thanks Joey for the opportunity and the grand time. This castle is straight out of a fairytale!

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This fairytale castle was originally built in the 19th century by the fairytale king, King Ludwig II. Richard Wagner was the world-renowned composer who had inspired the king and his castle. Size Category Navigation.