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Here are some tips. Get your cat accustomed to having its paws handled. If the cat pulls away, respect the paw. Wait until the kitty is relaxed and calm, then put the it in a seated position on your lap, facing away from you. Gently take one paw and squeeze lightly to extend the claws. The claws will appear pinkish nearest the foot and clearer at the tip.

Using a sharp, scissors-type clipper or one specially designed for pet nails, make a quick snip of the nail tip. Afterwards, give your kitty a reward. Report an error Policies and Standards Contact Us. More in Pet Pal Connection. Small mounds are spreading around the entire yard.

Plus, Gary Bogue's memorial service is planned for Sunday, Nov. More than species of grasshoppers live in California, and warm, wet springs can produce swarms of them. The 11 birds were found in the Nob Hill area with their feathers stuck together and unable to fly. Wildcare and International Bird Rescue managed to save them all.

As the Bay Area turns into ghoul central, keep your dogs happy by keeping them as far from the activities and trick-or-treaters as possible. LMW: Some say cat videos are funnier than dog videos. What about cartoons? Can it be quantified in terms of sales? For me, cat videos are often funnier. Growing up, my family had a cat — we got her when I was 5 and she died when I was a senior in high school.

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After that, we got a dog. I have two cats — a female and male. How do feel about Kliban and his extraordinary marketing success which continues long after his death? Kliban deserved all of his success.

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His cat drawings had a lot of personality and charm. LMW: Has observing cats creatively improved your understanding or bonding process? What do your cats look like and who is funnier? Whenever someone comes over, she greets them at the door. Our male cat, Frankie, is all black with a white toe and a bent tail. Hannah is friendly with me but she clearly favors my wife and daughter. Frankie only likes me, for some reason. Whenever I lie down in bed or on the couch he jumps up and lies on my chest.

Fairytale Felines

Frankie is often hanging out under the bed. LMW: You draw a wide variety of humans, animals, vegetables, inanimates in action. Any plans to have a recurring cat or other character? SM: The easiest things to draw are animals.

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I enjoy drawing cats, dogs, giraffes, and elephants. I need to do more giraffe and elephant jokes. Either a book of cat cartoons with some extra material or simply a collection of my cartoons. LMW: It sounds like will be a creative and fun year.

Thank you for a lovely interview. Mr Metzger is known worldwide for a good reason — he hits our funny bones — right? Scott Metzger captures the character of cats.